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The Messiah found

The Messiah found

I wanted to know the truth. (by Sara Rabinowitz)

I was born in Russia in the city of Gomel. My parents were orthodox Jews. My mother was very religious and strictly observed all religious practices, which she also taught me.

In 1923 I arrived in Mexico with some friends, where I lived for some years. After that I left with my friends for Costa Rica, where they set up business. It was here that I met a young man, whom I married later on.

In 1935 we moved to Equador, where our only son died in a traffic accident. This was a great blow to us. My husband, who was a Christian, tried to comfort me. Now and then he spoke to me about Jesus, but again and again I let him know, that I would not have anything to do with Jesus. My parents had raised me to hate Jesus. They had told me, that Jesus was the God of the gentiles and the cause of all our misery. The only thing I could do to get over may sadness was to leave town and move to another place. That is why we went to San Salvador, but my condition got worse by the day and I just could not find rest.

A love-gift

During the Second World War I read in the paper that my place of birth Gomel, where my father and mother and my family lived, was completely destroyed. This message brought my sorrow to a climax. I felt so desperate that I could not go on living. In my desperation I turned on the radio and to my amazement heard a preacher explain the story of Jesus. He claimed that Jesus was a love-gift from God and that He had come into this world to bring redemption and eternal life for everyone who believes. He explained that God had given His only begotten Son to die for the sin of the world. Never had I heard this before and it seemed impossible to me. I tried to forget it as soon as possible. But the message did not leave me alone.

Again and again I had to think about it, whether I liked it or not. I had to know if the message of this preacher about Jesus was the truth and get assurance for myself. During my search for the truth I came into contact with a missionary to whom I poured out my heart. I told him about my great sorrow, my many cares and asked him: “Can you help me?

“He read some Scripture verses to me and tried to convince me, that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and that the testimony I had heard on the radio was actually true. He advised me to search the Word of God and ask Him to reveal Himself to me.

Long reflection

When I came home I thought for a long time about everything the missionary had told me. Finally I took the Bible, which my husband had left on the table and started to pray: Oh God, You know how desperate I am. I have no peace, no rest and my sorrow is great. I want to know the truth. I cannot believe what the people tell me. You have to help me and tell me what I should do.” I opened the Bible and my eyes fell on Psalm 51. When I read that chapter I was convinced that I was a sinner and that only God could save me. I fell on my knees and asked Him to have mercy on me.

I could do nothing else

When I stood up I felt greatly relieved; I had assurance that God had forgiven me. My heart overflowed with joy and thanksgiving and there was a deep desire in me to know more of the contents of the Bible. The more I read in the Bible, the more I was convinced that Jesus had to be the Jewish Messiah. I could do nothing else but accept Him as my personal Saviour and Redeemer and surrender my life to Him.

He has called me to be a missionary amongst His chosen people.

My husband was very happy, for he had prayed for my conversion. So often he had tried to comfort me with the Gospel, but I would not listen to him. What a change has taken place in my life.

I was close to despair and no one could help me. But I thank God, that He has revealed the truth to me and has saved my soul. I have been in great darkness, but now I thank my Saviour that He has come into my heart and has given me the light of His knowledge. I used to hate Him, but now I love Him so much, that I want to serve His with all my heart. I was worried about my husband, but the Lord heard my prayer and also called my husband for the work amongst my people, the Jews/

In His grace He brought us into contact with Mr. Michelson and the Hebrew Evangelistic Society, which appointed us as missionaries amongst the Jews in Mexico.