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Psalm 2

Psalm 2
The Ruler of the earth

by Anton Stier

When we compare Psalm 1 with Psalm 2 we find several similarities. For instance: ‘the Man’ of Psalm 1 is God’s anointed (God’s King), ‘God’s Son and the Heir of all the earth of Psalm 2.

First and second coming

Psalm 1 speaks about His first coming to the world in obedience and faithfulness in order to be the ‘Author of eternal salvation’ (Heb. 5:8,9).

Psalm 2 speaks about His second coming in glory, to subject the whole earth under His feet. However even then His grace will still be available for those who trust in Him, as we read in verse 12: “blessed are all they that trust in Him.”
Notice that Psalm 1 begins with “Blessed is the Man …” In Psalm 2 we see that all are blessed, that trust in Him; the Man of Psalm 1.

In Philippians 2:8-11 we find the connection between His obedience and sufferings (during His first coming on e