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Iran at war

by Ruben Hadders

Iran seems to be at war according to the warlike statements they have made towards Israel. These statements caused Prime Minister Sharon to prepare the IDF for military action against Iran. And while Sharon is absent, it puts the militarily inexperienced vice-premier Olmert in a difficult situation.

Nuclear programme

The problems started when Mahmoud Ahmadinejad was inaugurated as president of the Islamic Republic of Iran. Immediately after his inauguration president Ahmadinejad started a nuclear programme. This nuclear programme is a first step towards the making of nuclear weapons. Both the EU and USA have offered Iran enriched uranium so they will have nuclear energy at their disposal. They also offered Iran economic and political cooperation. The condition for cooperation was that Iran would not use its nuclear programme for military purposes and that the country would have more thought for human rights and the fight against international terrorism. Ahmadinejad rejected these proposals saying they were worthless. He warned Europe and USA not to bring a complaint against Iran at the UN-security council, because that would be a big step forward to military confrontation. Other attempts of France, Germany and Great Britain to bring a complaint at the UN failed due to a veto of China and Russia. Both these countries have big interests in Iran. Last December Iran announced the building of a second nuclear power station. The IAEA, that investigates if nuclear energy is being used for military purposes, is still not getting information out of Iran about its nuclear activities.

Nuclear weapons

According to the British newspaper ‘The Guardian’, Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Different European intelligence agencies mentioned this in their reports. Mr. Mohammed El Baradei of the IAEA reported that blueprints of a nuclear weapon have been found earlier. Recently newspapers all over the world reported the US is preparing NATO for a possible military attack on Iran’s nuclear power stations. Some say the US leaked the information on purpose to elevate political pressure on Iran. Others think the US is really preparing for military action because the ‘point of no return’ is coming closer. Some say the American government asked Turkey for help with air attacks on Iran. In exchange the US is willing to help the Turkish government in their fight against the Kurdish PKK, a forbidden Marxist movement that is supported by Iran.


Israeli Prime Minister Sharon suspects Iran is trying to make nuclear weapons. “We have proof Iran is doing its utmost to obtain nuclear weapons” Sharon said in a CNN-interview. The British newspaper ‘The Sunday Times’ recently wrote that Sharon gave his permission to the IDF to get ready for air attacks on Iran. The Sunday Times states that Israel is planning for military action because Iran will soon be able to make nuclear weapons. “Not only Israel cannot accept Iran as a nuclear power. We are able to do something about this and we are preparing ourselves to stop Iran from becoming a nuclear power” Sharon said.

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