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I will go with you to Akko


During our recent stay in Israel we met Shaul and Talya K. They had asked us to supply them with bi-lingual New Testaments. Only two months before Shaul had come to faith in the Lord Jesus Christ! His wife, Talya followed him shortly after.

Ton Stier speaking with Shaul and Talya. Shaul and Talya dedicate themselves to new immigrants, who are having a hard time. "We are concerned about these people. Besides their problems with assimilation many struggle with poverty. Besides the material help we are often able to testify of Yeshuah ha Mashiah. Your New Testaments are a great help in doing this," the couple said. "How did you, Shaul, find the Messiah?" Shaul immediately sets off: "One of my customers was a Messianic Jew. He was coming to Israel and I had prepared myself entirely for a business meeting. But instead of a business conversation he started talking about his Messiah. When after three hours he still wasn’t finished with his story, it became clear to me that this conversation would not result in an order for me. I made up a little lie to get rid of him. "I have an appointment in Akko, so I have to leave now." His answer was: "Then I will go with you to Akko!" Shortly afterwards we sat in the car together and he continued talking about that Messiah of his. When in Akko it became clear that my “appointment” did not turn up. I was then taken to his son, who lived close by....and he just went on talking. After having talked to me for eleven hours my indifference slowly slipped away. There was one verse of Scripture that really struck me: "The Lord thy God will raise up unto thee a Prophet from the midst of thee, of thy brethren, like unto me; unto him ye shall hearken." (Deut. 18:15) After studying the Tenach (Old Testament) for four days I took courage to read the New Testament also. Slowly I realized that I was a sinner, that I stood afar off from a holy God with my stained cloak. Five more long days passed before I called on the Lord and said: "If You are here, then show me so in Your own way." The Lord answered in such a wonderful way that I was not only convinced of His existence, but also of His presence. Immediately I sent the message to my family: "He is Lord!" My brother who was unable to get to sleep that night and had been praying for me for years, was beside himself with joy. His prayer was answered. From that moment on God showed me many things from the New Testament. I also started talking to my wife about the New Testament and took her along to meetings of the Messianic congregation. However, she was not ready for it yet. A difficult time started, our relationship grew worse. One day I asked God, why I had so many problems. Without all these problems I would be able to function much better as a believer. The Lord drew my attention to the story of Joseph, whom God allowed and guided to endure so many problems. The day came that my wife even wanted to leave me, because, as she said, I loved the Lord Jesus more than I loved her. She was angry, because I read the Bible so much and actually lived in another world. Yet I stayed calm and prayed for her, as well as many believers in our congregation. It seemed all prayers were of no avail. I spoke about the problem with my pastor. It seemed there was no other possibility than to grant her request and to divorce. At that time I also had to go to England and when I was at the airport, something remarkable happened. It was as if God spoke to me saying: "You were no better than she is. I gave you a chance too." I got a shock, it was only a few minutes before I was to board the plane. Quickly I phoned Talya and said: "please reconsider our divorce! Talk about it with the pastor." She promised to do so. Then I phoned the pastor and told him what God had made clear to me. Full of emotions I travelled to England. After two days I phoned her again. Something had happened. Even at the first words I noticed she spoke with another tone. God had touched her heart, she had come to faith in the Lord Jesus. Thank God, Talya also found Yeshuah! A mighty miracle has happened, Shaul as well as Talya testified. (for privacy reasons Shaul and Talya are not their real names)